Interactive Charts, Tables, and double quotes in Excel

The first article today is a detailed overview on creating interactive charts in Excel. There are powerful charting features in Excel. But the charts you create in Excel are typically static charts. You need to create multiple copies of the same chart or place multiple lines in the same chart which makes it harder to see things. Interactive charts makes it possible to simplify your charts and allow users to update data through some controls.

Our next article is a review of another important feature: Data Tables. If you deal with data in Excel, you have probably come across this feature or you should. Tables makes it so much easier to analyze, filter, and sort large data tables.

My last article review today is double quotes in Excel. As you all know, double quotes is ow you identify text in Excel. But how to you use double quotes in formulas? This article explains two approaches in handling double quotes: one with a function, the other without.